Touching Moments: Regaining Your Hearing

Touching moments: regaining your hearing

Contributed by Lauren Clason, staff writer for Healthy Hearing

Tuesday, October 21st 2014

Whether your hearing has been fading for several years, or whether you lost it completely years ago, or whether you never had it to begin with, the moment your hearing is restored is an emotional experience. For those who have been deaf their entire lives, it’s a true sensory and emotional shock. For others who were losing their hearing gradually, restored hearing often comes with amusing tales of trying to adjust to hearing all the minor sounds they once missed.

No matter the story, its telling is powerful. Because every story is a reminder of just how much you miss of the world around you due to hearing loss. And that’s why if you think you have hearing loss, you shouldn’t hesitate to have your hearing checked. And if you know you have hearing loss, you should look into your corrective options, whether that be surgery, a cochlear implant or hearing aids.

It can take people a significant amount of time
to seek treatment for hearing loss. Once fit with
hearing aids, many people are amazed at how
many sounds they were missing. 

Seeking treatment for hearing loss can be scary, but isn’t it more frightening to think of all the little things your ears are missing? A solution isn’t guaranteed, but hearing health practitioners help millions of Americans improve their hearing each year. With new research and innovation coming out all the time, doctors and scientists are constantly improving hearing devices and making new discoveries about the way our brains and ears operate. If your doctor didn’t have a solution for you before, they might now, or they could tomorrow.

We asked our Facebook followers to share their stories of the moment they regained their hearing (or the stories of their loved ones). Here are a few of our favorite responses.

Jill Mailer Biddle: "My son's was the birds chirping outside in the parking lot as we were headed to our car. He was 4 and had never heard birds before."

Cindy Dean: "My son was 3 and just stared and stared at the fridge. I didn't even realize the fridge made a sound until then!"

Julie A. Fiegle Shaffer: "When I got my first hearing aid at five years old, someone crumbled a paper sack and I just about jumped out of my skin."

Tracy Downs: "Mine was the clock at the audiologist's office and then the echoes of our shoes on the floor. Right that was how loud traffic sounds. I drove everyone nuts asking what the new sounds were."

Melissa Baker: "My daughter – after putting the hearing aids in and going outside she can actually hear the rustling in the leaves and she said I think I can hear the grass growing mom!"

Jenn Gibson: "When I was in high school and just switched from analog to digital BTEs. When I sat down in the car and stepped on the brake, I had to look down and see what that sound was. I had never heard it before! As soon as I got home, I had to ask my Mom what that noise was in the background - it was the sound of the air conditioning. Every day, I kept hearing sounds that I had never heard before such as dogs barking in the distance, the strange peep of the tree frogs, my cat's purrs, the loud hum of the refrigerator, and the sound of animals paws walking on the floor."

Diana Kay LoChiatto: "Right after being fitted with my first hearing aids at age 22, I went shopping at a nearby Meijer store. An employee was pushing a long line of grocery carts into their 'station' and it sounded so loud like a train coming into the building! I froze with terror til I figured out what was going on!"